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Why these projects?

Each year we work with our home managers to understand the greatest needs of their home. Below are a few of the needs we’ve identified that we need your help to complete! You can adopt an entire project, or give just a portion.

Want to make an even bigger impact?   Recruit friends, family, a youth group, or organization to raise money for one of our larger projects below by sharing this page. We’ll help you communicate why these needs are so important and how they can join you in making a difference!

Greatest Needs

With 8 homes, over 750 children, and 80 staff members, our greatest needs are constantly being evaluated and prioritized. Your gift toward our greatest needs will be allocated to provide an immediate impact where it is needed most.


Bring Music to a Children’s Home


Hearing the voices of the children singing together each evening is a sound you’ll never forget. Many of our homes have no musical equipment to help enhance this beloved activity. $1,000 will provide for a keyboard, speakers and other equipment.

Mahiga Boy’s Dormitory


The boy’s housing at Mahiga Children’s Home is in desperate need of being replaced and is a priority project for 2016. Bunk beds are squeezed from wall to wall to make room for ever boy. In addition to the space constraints, the building is one of the oldest across all our homes.

A donation of any amount to this project is appreciated. Full project proposal available upon request.

A new vehicle


Both Kaptagat & Mahiga Children’s Home are in need of a vehicle. Vehicles are imperative for the home to be able to quickly get a child to a hospital in an emergency, taking children to appointments, or picking up food & supplies.

A donation of any amount to this project is appreciated.

Technology Upgrade


Having a working laptop, printer, modem, battery, backup, and camera is very important as the staff operate the children. This allows them to keep records on all the children, manage their finances, document important events and circumstances and communicate back to the home office in the US. Help us upgrade a home’s technology through your gift.