Announcing: 2015 Grant Applications - World Day of Prayer USA

Announcing: 2015 Grant Applications

Grant Application: 2015 Submission Guidelines

Before submitting an application, please carefully review the eligibility requirements to determine that your organization is qualified for funding from World Day of Prayer, USA.   Then, using the outline below as a guide, please prepare a formal proposal, and email it as one document (Microsoft Word or a pdf) to [email protected]. Please feel free to send additional materials, such as photos, graphics, or videos as attachments.

The deadline for applications is June 8, 2015.


2015 Focus Areas:

This year, the women of the World Day of Prayer Committee of The Bahamas wrote the world day of prayer service. We will focus on making grants to organizations in The Bahamas, and to domestic and international organizations that address the areas the women of The Bahamas have identified:

  • Domestic violence
  • Women in the workplace
  • Eco-justice
  • Refugees and migrant workers

Eligibility Requirements:

All requests for WDP USA funding should:

  • Reflect the mission of World Day of Prayer, USA
  • Affirm the worldwide and ecumenical concern for justice, peace and the integrity of creation
  • Provide services and/or effective advocacy for underserved and marginalized populations, particularly women and children
  • Benefit the target population without regard to religious affiliation

With respect to project support, WDP USA prefers not to fund: administrative salaries, benefits and expenses, utilities, rent and insurance. Capital expenditures are generally not considered unless they are central to the specific goal of the project.

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