France Bible Studies: Now Available for Free Download! - World Day of Prayer USA

France Bible Studies: Now Available for Free Download!

If your community enjoyed the 2013 World Day of Prayer worship service, they might be interested in the Bible Studies provided by the WDP France Committee.  The Studies focus on Leviticus 19 and Matthew 25:31-46, using both texts to explore the topic of welcoming the stranger.  Each study can be divided into three different lessons or discussions,  making them ideal for Adult Education groups.  Why not invite a group of friends over for a simple supper and study once a month to engage the Bible Studies?  However you decide to use them, you can download them for free by clicking here!

If you’d rather have a hard copy, they can be ordered from Kutztown Publishing by calling 1-888-937-8720 at a cost of 5 for $2.50 plus shipping and handling.

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