List of World Day of Prayer by year - World Day of Prayer USA

List of World Day of Prayer by year

YEAR THEME Writer Country
1927 Pray Ye Therefore USA
1928 Breaking Down Barriers USA
1929 That They May All Be One USA
1930 That Jesus May Be Lifted Up Korea
1931 Ye Shall Be My Witnesses Canada
1932 Hold Fast in Prayer India
1933 Follow Thou Me China
1934 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem South Africa
1935 Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens Holland
1936 On Earth, Peace, Goodwill Toward Men Chile
1937 Thou Art The Christ, The Son of The Living God Africa
1938 The Church, A World Fellowship New Zealand
1939 Let Us Put Our Love into Deeds- And Make It Real USA
1940 In Quietness and in Confidence Shall Be Your Strength England
1941 Thy Kingdom Come Shanghai
1942 I Am the Way Refugee Women in NYC
1943 Father, I Pray That They May All Be One USA
1944 God Wondered That There Was No Intercessor Missionaries in 100 Countries
1945 That Ye Should Show Forth the Praises of Him Who Hath Called You Out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light England, Wales, Ireland
1946 The Things That Make for Our Peace Africa
1947 Make Level in the Desert a Highway for Our God India
1948 The World at Prayer USA
1949 The Lord Is Thy Keeper China
1950 Faith for Our Time Japan
1951 Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear Germany
1952 Christ, Our Hope Sharecoppers/Native Americans USA
1953 Walk As Children of Light Africa
1954 That They May Have Life India
1955 Abide in Me Argentina
1956 One Flock, One Shepherd USA
1957 Who Shall Separate Us…? Hungary
1958 The Bread of Life Australia
1959 Lord, I Believe Egypt
1960 Labourers Together with God Canada
1961 Forward Through the Ages ( 75th Anniversary) USA
1962 For God So Loved the World Uruguay
1963 More Than Conquerors South Korea
1964 Let Us Pray France
1965 What Doth the Lord Require? USA
1966 You Are My Witnesses Scotland
1967 Of His Kingdom There Shall Be No End Tonga Islands
1968 Bear Ye One Another’s Burdens Ceylon
1969 Growing Together in Christ West & Southern Africa
1970 Take Courage! Egpyt/India/Jamaica/Philippines/USA
1971 New Life Awaits Jamaica
1972 All Joy Be Yours Europe
1973 Alert in Our Time New Zealand
1974 Make Us Builders of Peace Japan
1975 Become Perfectly One Egypt
1976 Education for All of Life Mexico
1977 Love in Action German Democratic Republic
1978 Community Spirit in Modern Life Canada
1979 Spiritual Growth Africa/Mindola Ecumenical Foundation
1980 Responsible Freedom Thailand
1981 The Earth Is the Lord’s Native American Women of USA
1982 The People of God-Gathered for Worship,Scattered for Service Republic of Ireland/Northern Ireland
1983 New Persons in Christ Caribbean
1984 Living Water From Christ, Our Hope Sweden
1985 Peace Through Prayer and Action India
1986 Choose Life! Australia
1987 Come and Rejoice! (Centennial Anniversary) World Day of Prayer International Committee
1988 Open Doors Brazil
1989 Lord, Teach Us To Pray Burma (Myanmar)
1990 A Better Tomorrow, Justice For All Czechoslovakia
1991 On the Journey Together Kenya
1992 Living Wisely with Creation Austria/Germany/Switzerland
1993 God’s People: Instruments of Healing Guatemala
1994 Go, See and Act Palestine
1995 The Earth Is a House for All People Ghana
1996 God Calls Us to Respond Haiti
1997 Like a Seed Which Grows into a Tree South Korea
1998 Who Is My Neighbor? Madagascar
1999 God’s Tender Touch Venezuela
2000 Talitha Kumi – Young Woman Stand Up! Indonesia
2001 Informed Prayer – Prayerful Action Samoa
2002 Challenged to Reconcile Romania
2003 Holy Spirit, Fill Us Lebanon
2004 In Faith, Women Shape the Future Panama
2005 Let Our Light Shine Poland
2006 Signs of the Times South Africa
2007 Under God’s Tent Paraguay
2008 God’s Wisdom Provides New Understanding Guyana
2009 In Christ, There are Many Members, Yet One Body Papua New Guinea
2010 Let Everything That Has Breath Praise God Cameroon
2011 How Many Loaves Have You? Chile
2012 Let Justice Prevail Malaysia
2013 I Was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me France
2014 Streams in the Desert Egypt
2015 Jesus said to Them, “Do You Know What I Have Done to You?” The Bahamas
2016 Receive Children, Receive Me Cuba
2017 Am I Being Unfair to You? The Philippines
2018 All God’s Creation is Very Good! Suriname
2019 Come—Everything is Ready Slovenia
2020 Rise! Take your Mat and Walk Zimbabwe
2021 Build on a Strong Foundation Vanuatu