One Day, Many Ways to Worship: Spreading WDP - World Day of Prayer USA

One Day, Many Ways to Worship: Spreading WDP

How can we keep folks excited about and engaged in World Day of Prayer after the first Friday in March?  Here are some of your ideas, please share others in the comments section, below!

“Following last year’s service, several of the women from different churches wanted to have more frequent joint events.  In Nov. 2012, we gathered for a fall event of fellowship and spiritual uplifting.  This will continue!”

Mary Hewes, Arco, ID

“I used the online resources, including the ‘Mythbuster’ sheets at the UCC Women of the Evansville Tri-State Association’s Spring Workshop Meeting.”

Sandra L. Hoy, Evansville, IN

“Several people took the Bible Studies and Children’s Programs to use in their churches during regular Sunday School or Adult Sunday School.”

Marian Baker, Hillsboro, NH

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