One Day, Many Ways to Worship: Thinking and Acting - World Day of Prayer USA

One Day, Many Ways to Worship: Thinking and Acting

How did World Day of Prayer inspire new conversations or action in your community?  Let us know in the comments section below!

“The topic of immigration inspired a very lively conversation following worship.  We had lots of discussion on this ‘hot button’ issue.  As a preacher, I knew I was in tricky territory, but I thank you for stretching me.  I discovered that explaining the issue and showing that it’s as old as the Bible itself helped a lot.”

Michael A. Ward, Milnor, ND
(Service held on 3/10/13—Sunday morning worship)

“The service was very effective to those who had never attended a WDP event before.  The idea and participation in another culture’s worship program resonated with many.  The realization that the tangible and spiritual needs of those across the globe were like their own was truly insightful and thought-provoking.”

Kathy McKenzie, Linden, NJ

“Our motivational speaker challenged us to welcome the stranger among us.  This is necessary in a retirement community where new residents are coming to live!”

Marian B. Poole, Rydal, PA

“We made ‘welcoming the stranger’ the theme for our forty days of lent at Zion Lutheran ELCA.”

Brantwood, WI

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