Share Your Story: Shivonne - World Day of Prayer USA

Share Your Story: Shivonne

WDP asked Shivonne, from Princeton, NJ, how she got involved in WDP and what keeps her interested.

shivonne-e1371138279404-225x300As a member of the Nora F. Taylor Women’s Missionary Society at The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York, I am always working to engage and serve the local, national, and global community. While I was no stranger to the World Day of Prayer movement, I had the esteemed honor and privilege to participate in the International Meeting activities held in New York City in June 2012. Some volunteers from the ministry served alongside myself to host, and aid as tour guides, for the hundreds of women who traveled from throughout the world for this very important event. As someone who has a heart and passion for missions, my perspective was broadened from one of the worship services at The Interchurch Center, and through spending a day with sixty-five women learning about their passion for Christ, His church, and our ability to reshape the world around us through our gifts and, more importantly, prayer. I would like to impress upon anyone who is considering joining forces in this movement that its mission transcends denominational, cultural, and racial lines. World Day of Prayer concerns itself with all things that pertain to Christ, the church, and the society it inhabits. I would encourage all women of any age to become involved. Join the movement today.

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