Work Options for Women (WOW) 2013 Grantee - World Day of Prayer USA

Work Options for Women (WOW) 2013 Grantee


Imagine being a single mom with no skills, needing to provide for yourself and your child. Or suppose you are a victim of domestic violence, needing to break away and make your way in the world, or perhaps you find yourself among the homeless. What will happen to you? World Day of Prayer works to meet the needs of disadvantaged women and children by coming alongside organizations like Work Options for Women (WOW). This group, based in metropolitan Denver, trains women and helps them obtain entry-level employment in the food service industry. Since its inception in 1996, hundreds of women have learned marketable skills and are living  useful and fulfilling lives. Your gifts enabled World Day of Prayer to grant $4000 to the work of WOW.   -Marlene Chase, WDP USA Board Member

To learn more about WOW visit here.

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